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Do you want More Business NOW?


Look Around, what is everyone doing?

Engaging someone on their Smart Phones, Probably NOT YOU.

You have a choice,
Do you want them engaging YOU or your Competitor?

Say Hello to the Experience Economy

You can no longer afford to ignore the trends.
The World has gone to GeoTargeted Location Based Marketing.
You either get onboard or be left behind and become irrelevant.

You get a FREE App Listing
and a FREE GeoFence

First, the App Listing...


Welcome to Whats-OUT, the One App for Everyone.

Businesses can reach Prospects that are close, whether they have had a prior relationship or not...

  • App Users Will Find Businesses that are Close to them.
  • They Love the fact that they have control, unlike other apps that constantly force Ads to them.
  • When they click on the "Around Me" button, will they find you?
  • If your competitor is there and you arean't, what do you think will happen?
  • Consumers want to know Who is willing to treat them special.
  • Consumers Like having One App for All their needs.
  • They really like the Loyalty Feature where they can have All their Customer Loyalty Systems in one place, with them all the time, right on their Smart Phone.

Best of all, it's FREE to the Business owner and the Consumer.

See it in Action Just Below or Go Ahead and get it Now.

See it in ACTION

So HOW does the App Work?

Watch Video

NEXT, Your Free GeoFence

What is a GeoFence?
The Newest Form of Direct to the Consumer, Localized Advertising.

Soon 1,000's of Local Consumers will have their Apps.

Why will they be downloading?
See the Graphic just below that will soon be in 100's of locations in the area.

Once they download, do you want them engaging You or your Competitor?  It's Your Choice.


Folks, It's a Big Deal.

So far you've just seen the basics.

We have a full presentation system that gives you all the information you need, the What, Why and How of the system so you can see if FREE is worth it.

It will take about 20 minutes to digest it all.
Is the Future of your Business worth 20 minutes?


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What is Proximity Marketing
What are GeoFences
What are Beacons
Digital Loyalty Solution

Engagement  Complete Presentation showing What, How and Why. Complete Overview of All Products

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