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This is a Do-it-yourself system.

We don't need your credit card and you don't need to talk to a sales person. Just claim your FREE Listing, set up your FREE GeoFence, tell it Who you are, Where you are and What you want it to do. You have total control and your changes and updates are in Real Time. 

This page is constantly being updated so you can see how to do what you need using your Free system.

A Key Point is you can remain free as long as you like and your Free Listing and GeoFence will remain active. There is no trial period, Free means Free.


You will Log-in to your system with your username and password, then make the changes you need.
You have the Control.

It's Your System

Business Solutions

Rocket your business to levels you never dreamed possible.
We give you the tools, you have all the control.

You decide What, When, Where and even How.


  • You can tell the system when to send out your GeoFence messages, What to send and When.
  • The system will prompt you when Prospects want to engage with you and our different subscription plans control how many folks you can engage with.
  • It even prompts you when it's time to upgrade to engage more who are knocking at your virtual door.

Create your account at

First, Create your Listing.

The How-To video

Log-In and Edit


Adding Campaigns

A Quick Explanation

Media Files

A Quick Explanation on How to Work with Files


Now for the Power of GeoFencing

We give you a Virtual Door to your Business.

You can claim your Free Listing and GeoFence and stay free as long as you like.
1,000's of customers are downloading the App and they Will See You.

When they "Like" you, they just sent a very clear message that they want to start engaging with your business.

You now have a choice.
Stay Free, ignore their request and let them to go your competitor,
or ENGAGE them.

Where is the all headed?

Think about this...

Folks, it's just around the corner.